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Our unique systems are designed with the following in mind:

All our system engineered in a way which gives our customers the easiest way to expand there system for future developments, whether it is integrating a new phone or upgrading to a new scanner we can specify a system that can be expanded for all your future testing requirements.

Our systems are designed for all types of activities on the Network, from walk testing along the track through to fully integrated on train systems we have a solution for you.

All our systems are built around the same basic principle and as such this give us great modularity to our system. This means that our systems are easier to maintain and make it easier to use by the end the customer.

All our systems are engineered in house and undergo a lengthy and vigorous testing regime to ensure that our systems can be relied upon to perform time and time again. Environments on the Railway Networks is much more demanding than standard drive testing and as such our products are built to last.

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