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Product Portfolio:
Through our extensive product portfolio Comtest Wireless can now offer systems which can provide full network acceptance testing. From our air-interface testing with Netprobe and Netprobe Lite, through to Network Monitoring and Reporting with Netprobe OMC, Netprobe BSS & Netprobe Automatic.

All of our software is all fully integrated and interoperable to give the user a full end to end Network Analysis, all the data from the various software platforms can be managed and analyzed through our powerful Netanalyzer platform

Railway Specific Tools:
Comtest Wireless’s approach means that all our tools are designed to meet the specific needs of the Railway Industry. Comtest’s GSM-R, ERTMS and ETCS test equipment and software are all designed for GSM-R and Rail industry testing and include all of the required key Railway specific network features to enable those key KPI’s to be met.

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