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NetProbe Software

netprobe software

Netprobe is our main drive test tool and is not only a powerful Software for both Data Acquisition but also for  Post Processing of results. Netprobe incorporates a full mapping facility with a Map Info MapExtreme engine. It has a Unique scripting engine for easy test setup and acquisition and is the only software solution available which can manage multiple phones/modems, scanning receivers, geo-location devices (GPS/Tacho etc) simultaneously to give one consistent clear view of your Network performance.

• Powerful Data collection
• Easily scalable
• Simulate complex Scenarios
• Support a wide variety of devices including handsets, Radios, Modems, Scanners, protocol analyzers etc..
• Visual scripting facility
• Subset 093 compliant
• Voice/Data/SMS tests
• Voice Quality MOS Tests

netprobe graph

Software Modules:
For Importing to data base systems
For Exporting into planning tools etc (.csv file)
For replay of data files
Real time display of data acquisition