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NetProbe Connect Software

netprobe connect screensNetProbe Connect is a Comtest Wireless proprietary solution for Train Operators to provide a single platform system for connectivity, broadcast contents, monitor and test Internet connectively on trains.

NetProbe Connect is able to:
• Allow Train Passengers to Connect to the Internet
• Provide seamless connectivity where multiple media is available
• Perform load balancing where multiple connections are active
• Guarantee a stable connection by providing failover recovery
• Provide Multimedia contents to passengers
• Guarantee Railways service access even where coverage is not available
• Test Network Operators coverage and QoS
• Test and report GSM-R coverage and QoS

As with all our systems NetProbe Connect is also fully interoperable with our full Netprobe system so the data files can be reviewed, exported, imported and analyzed on our NetAnalyzer tool.

For an information leaflet please click here.