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NetProbe Lite Software

Netprobe Lite is our low cost solution which is aimed at the Maintenance sector or for users who require a more simple solution to testing there networks. Low cost however does not mean Low end as Netprobe Lite is based on the full version of Netprobe and carries with it many key features, such as the ability to drive 1 devices such as a handset or Radio (2/8Watt), have a fully integrated GPS it also comes with the same MapInfo MapExtreme mapping engine.

Netprobe Lite is also pre-configured with a much simpler GUI and series of tests to ensure that the system can be easily setup and managed. Netprobe Lite is also fully interoperable with our full Netprobe system so the data files can be reviewed, exported, imported and analyzed just like the main version of Netprobe.

NetProbe Lite
• Same features of NetProbe
• Easy interface but limited functionality
• Data interoperable with all other Comtest systems.
• Can operate a variety of devices such as handsets/radios/modems.
• Pre-programmed standard tests
• Ideal for small portable systems

netprobe lite software