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Site Build and Project Management

Comtest Wireless Europe is committed to industry quality of its projects and uses qualified Prince2 Project management methodologies (where required) to ensure compliance and successful completion of all our projects.

Comtest Wireless Europe has worked internationally to deliver communication based projects, and therefore brings a wealth of experience to the services on offer. The senior management team has over 60 years of combined experience in Wireless Services. The following provides a brief summary of the major projects Comtest Wireless Europe has undertaken;

• GPRS benchmark for of all the UK operators that provided true user perspective measurements in mobile and static locations. This provided true end-to measurement campaign on live network servers.

• Radio network design of over 100 sites in the UK which included nominal design, link budget analysis, search area creation, candidate analysis and final configuration planning.

• Site validation of 35 UMTS sites for a network operator in Sweden.

• Site validation of over 150 GSM/UMTS sites for UK operators on green field sites, radio masts, tunnels and existing buildings.

• Designed and built over 50 in-building schemes in some of the most prestigious buildings in the UK, for example Heathrow Airport. Designs included passive, active and hybrid systems.

• Set up and delivered the first UK UMTS competitive benchmark report for all UK operators using the Agilent drive test solution. The drive test included the entire motorway network and every major city.

• Supplied Test Solutions to the majority of European rail operators for GSM-R Network performance testing.